Answered By: Stephen Spohn
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Yes, we do share MARC records for the titles included in the collection.  Read on to learn more...


1. How do I get access to the MARC records for my library or group?

Upon request, we will add the appropriate person at a participating library or network to our CEC-MARC group.  This group has access to all existing MARC records as well as monthly updates.  This group also provides advice to MLS on this aspect of Commonwealth eBook Collections.


2. How are the records "delivered" to my library?

We process records monthly.  At the beginning of each month, MLS collates all the record changes from the previous month and sends them to Bywater Library Solutions for clean-up and processing in the eBook catalog maintained by MLS.  Once Bywater Library Solutions has completed its work, MLS notifies the CEC-MARC group that records are available in Google Drive.

MLS also shares Ebook Central records via OCLC.  Libraries or groups that wish to pick up Ebook Central from OCLC need only ask to be added to the distribution in OCLC.

Each month, there will be a series of new records, updated records and deleted records for processing.

Product Special Notes
Axis 360
  • New records are posted monthly.
  • Deletes are posted monthly as a spreadsheet.
  • In order to obtain a full catalog of MARC records, you must begin processing from September 2016.
  • In general, records refreshed annually.
  • In order to obtain a full catalog of MARC records, you must begin processing from July 2017.
Ebook Central
  • New records, updated records and deleted records are posted monthly *and* available to be shared via OCLC.
  • Note: Due to the transition from Ebook Library (EBL) to Ebook Central, it is necessary to completely refresh MARC records.
  • In order to obtain a full catalog of MARC records, you must begin processing from August 2017 that will be available in September.


3. Known issues with the process?

Occasionally, a duplicate Axis 360 record may sneak past our quality control.  We are working with Backstage Library Works on a process to eliminate this.


4. What about my library's custom URLs?

You may wish to customize the URLs for your library's MARC records.  By default, the 856 fields in the MARC records will have the generic consortium prefix - massebook for Axis 360 and masslibsystem for Ebook Central.  For both Axis 360 and Ebook Central, you substitute your library's prefix.  (This would work well in an individual library ILS situation, but not in a shared ILS/network situation.)


5. What is the quality of the MARC records?
We share vendor-supplied MARC records for Axis 360 and BiblioBoard and OCLC records for EBL.  We are currently exploring record enhancements for Axis 360 records from Backstage Library Works.


6. Are you allowed to load MARC records?
If you are in a network or shared ILS situation, please contact your provider to be sure that you have permission to load records.  There are almost definitely local policies in place that govern this situation.


7. Are you trying to integrate with your discovery solution?

Loading records is only one path to discovery.  It is possible, for example, to connect to the eBook catalog maintained by MLS via Z39.50 and OAI-PMH via your discovery service.  It may also be possible to connect with the vendors directly depending on your specific situation.  We can assist you with a connection to our eBook catalog.  If you need assistance with direct vendor discovery connections, please contact the vendors directly for the best technical assistance.